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Mark Austin

Occupation: Journalist, Presenter (ITV News)

Emmy and BAFTA award-winning journalist Mark Austin co-presents ITV News at 6.30pm with Mary Nightingale, having presented ITV News at Ten for 5 years.

Mark regularly presents on location, which has included the Israel/Gaza border, Afghanistan and Washington. Mark has regularly conducted news-making interviews for News at Ten, including Sir Jock Stirrup, Gordon Brown, Shimon Peres and Andrew Flintoff.

In 2010, Mark anchored News at Ten’s BAFTA-winning coverage of the Haiti earthquake and fronted a Tonight programme on the children of the quake. Later in 2010, Mark reported a series of Tonight reports profiling each of the main party leaders ahead of the General Election.

Mark also presented ITV News at Ten and ITV News at 6.30pm from South Africa to mark the start of the 2010 World Cup. His coverage included live anchoring and a series of interviews that included Desmond Tutu and Graca Michal.

Following numerous interviews and location anchoring in 2009, Mark was named newscaster of the year by TRIC (The Television and Radio Industries Club). Mark’s work in this year included covering the war in Gaza and Operation Panther’s Claw in Afghanistan.

In 2007, Mark anchored The Big Melt live from Antarctica - a week of special programming across ITV News bulletins to highlight the effects of climate change.

In October 2006, Mark Austin presented the ITV Evening News and News at Ten Thirty from across Beijing for a week for the “Welcome to China – Inside the World’s New Superpower” series. ITV News made broadcasting history when it became the first news programme to broadcast live from Tiananmen Square to mark the opening of its China bureau.

During the escalating hostilities between Israel and Lebanon in the summer of 2006, Mark and this team were the first and only TV News crew to anchor live from the ravaged town of Tyre at the epicentre of the fighting.

Previously Mark was Senior Correspondent for ITV News, covering major foreign and domestic stories. For fifteen years he was a foreign correspondent based in Africa and Asia and travelling all over the globe.

His reporting of the devastating floods in Mozambique in February 2000 won him an International Emmy award as well as a Gold Nymph at the 2000 Television Festival of Monte Carlo and Gold and Silver Medals at the New York Television Programming Awards.

Mark covered conflicts in several countries and in mid-1999 he played a key role in ITN's coverage of the war in Kosovo. Based on the Albanian border for much of the conflict, Mark reported on the refugee crisis caused by the war. On the day in June Nato troops finally entered Kosovo he was airlifted in with the Gurkhas, the first troops to enter the country, witnessing an early confrontation with Serb police.

Mark’s reporting of the war helped win ITN the coveted Gold Nymph at the 1999 Television Festival of Monte Carlo. He also covered the Bosnian war and the fall of Srebrenica in 1995. His reporting won him a joint Gold Medal, with fellow-correspondent Paul Davies, at the 1996 Film & Television Festival of New York.

While based in Asia, Mark reported from ITN's first ever bureau in China covering stories right across the country leading up to the handover of Hong Kong to Beijing in 1997 .

He also covered the riots that brought down President Suharto in Indonesia . He was ITN’s Africa Correspondent for four years, based in Johannesburg, witnessing the violence that preceded the historic transition to democracy in South Africa and Mandela's victory in the country's first real elections.

He also spent several weeks reporting on the appalling genocide in Rwanda and the civil war that followed. Mark was one of the first British journalists to report from the Gulf during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. From the start of the war early in 1991 he was in Bahrain, the base for many of the Tornado squadrons, sending back regular reports including those on the recapture from the Iraqis of the islands of Qaruh and Um-al-Maradin.

Mark joined ITN from the BBC in October 1986 in the role of Sports Correspondent. He was given his first assignment on day one - to cover England's successful Ashes tour of Australia as well as the America's Cup. He stayed in Australia for four months and during this time unexpectedly found himself reporting on the extraordinary "Spycatcher" trial.

Mark has covered all the major sporting events for ITN, including four Olympics, four World Cups, the British Open, Rugby internationals, football news and several England cricket tours. In 1993 he won top prize in the Sports News category at the Royal Television Society Sports Awards for his coverage of the drug scandal affecting three British sportsmen at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

In 1995 he was seconded to ITV to report from South Africa on the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Mark Austin started his career in the media as a general reporter on the Bournemouth Evening Echo (1977-1980). He then joined the BBC as a newsroom writer, becoming a reporter for BBC TV news at the age of 24. ...one of the youngest national reporters ever appointed by the BBC.

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